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By admin July 26, 2022

As you grow older, your skin loses crucial structural proteins and subcutaneous fat, resulting in a loss of facial volume. The volume loss from your face can make you look much older, even if you are in your thirties. 

Fortunately, a procedure can help you restore the lost volume of your face called liposculpture or lipostructure. 

Through lipostructure, you can replace fat and volume of the face and regain a youthful and healthy appearance. Enhancing face equilibrium is another benefit of facial fat transfer.

What is Lipostructure? 

Lipostructure is an effective procedure that gives you proper shapeliness and muscle tone. Unlike liposuction, which covers a large area of the face, it focuses on small areas and treats portions from where you observe fat loss. 

Lipostructure not only eliminates fat but also gives you the desired shape. Particularly helpful for areas that don’t improve with diet or exercise.

By adding volume, altering the face’s contours, and hiding wrinkles, lipostructure aims to revitalize the face. 

It aids in restoring the loss of facial tissue that occurs with age. It has also been demonstrated to enhance the quality and texture of the skin. Transfer of fat in areas including the cheeks, lips, eyelids, and creases around the mouth and face rejuvenation is frequently employed.

  • Lipostructure gives shape to your face. 
  • Restores the fullness of facial tissues that are lost as a result of aging
  • Improves the texture and quality of the skin 
  • Gives youthful appearance by improving effects of aging 
  • Replenish lost volume that causes wrinkles and hollowness 

What Results Can I expect from Lipostructure? 

Lipostructure aids in facial rejuvenation by erasing noticeable symptoms of facial aging, such as deep wrinkles under the eyelids and from the nose to the corners of the mouth, and by enhancing cheek shape. 

The goal of lipostructure is to replace the volume lost over age. Though lipostructure cannot reverse aging, it can help replace volume in certain areas such as cheeks to improve the face’s texture and give it a youthful appearance. 

What Areas Can be Treated with Lipostructure? 

Lipostructure aesthetics reduces extra fat, which enhances the body’s contours. It is generally used to reduce fat in places where diet and exercise are ineffective.

The body’s most typical locations for lipostructure include 

Lips-Enhances their shape and size  

Cheeks- to give a more youthful look to the face by enhancing upper cheeks, lifting the face, and replacing lost facial volume. 

Jawline-Improves the appearance of the jawline. 

Around the eyes-for for a smoother transition between cheeks and lower eyelids.

Mouth corners-Helps reduce the appearance of skin folds going down from the mouth corner.

What To Expect from this Procedure, and How Long Does It Last?

You can observe bruising and swelling after the procedure. It is quite​​ normal and will disappear after a few weeks. 

You can feel the results immediately after the procedure. However, it usually takes up to 6 months for the results to be fully apparent. During this time, your body keeps healing.

The results of lipostructure are long-lasting. The injected fat will be settled and will become permanent. 

If you want to regain a youthful appearance of your face, contact lipostructure aesthetic experts today.

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