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Non-Surgical Face Lift

By admin July 18, 2020

Non-surgical procedures are quickly gaining in popularity as a means of improving facial appearance by restoring the contour of the face without the need for surgery. In Coral Springs, Hollywood and Weston, FL, Dr. Georgescu uses the latest techniques in non-invasive aesthetic procedures to freshen and tighten your skin, giving you a more youthful yet natural appearance.

How Does the Skin Age?

As people get older, the facial muscles attached directly below the surface of the skin lose their elasticity, become weaker and sag over time – either due to gravity, genetics, poor skin care, sun exposure, poor nutrition and/or emotion. This makes it more difficult for the muscles to support the skin covering them which causes wrinkles, creases and folds.

How Non-Surgical Face Lift Works

Facial toning is a system of using micro-electronic currents to “recharge” facial tissue. It works by combining either radiofrequency energy or infrared, in combination with the naturally occurring bio-electric current of the body. The method of applying a specific current to certain muscular areas of the face reverses and corrects habitual muscle patterns and reverses degeneration. Increased circulation of blood and lymph to and away from tissue occurs, and natural cellular processes are restored resulting in improved function and correction of environment-caused tissue changes. Applying a micro current through facial toning techniques increases circulation and carries more oxygen and nutrients to the face, lengthening muscles that have been shortened over time and shortening those muscles that have stretched, thus “toning” the face.

Side Effects of a Non-Surgical Face Lift

People with sensitive skin may feel some slight tenderness when increased blood flow and circulation occurs. 

Results You May Experience with a Non-Surgical Face Lift

  • Fine lines and wrinkles improved                    
  • Firming of skin and muscles
  • Increased smoothness
  • Rosier complexion
  • Regeneration of new blood vessels and blood flow
  • Increased collagen production
  • Damaged epidermal cells normalized

Realistic Expectations

Keep in mind that these procedures are not meant to deliver the same results as a surgical face lift. You cannot expect to erase 15-20 years with non-invasive tissue tightening. Also important to remember is that results vary from patient to patient due to differences in skin thickness and texture, healing response and lifestyle variables. These procedures are probably best looked at as a way for younger patients to stave off more invasive procedures, or for those patients for whom surgery is not an option.

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