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Ectropion is a turned out or sagging lower eyelid. It can be corrected with a 15 minute procedure performed under local anesthesia. The patient goes home immediately after and two days later can resume normal activities.

What you should know about Ectropion

Ectropion is usually the result of tissue laxity from aging. It can also be the result of facial nerve paralysis (Bell’s palsy), trauma, scarring, or other surgeries. The eye becomes exposed to the air resulting in dry eyes. If not treated, it can lead to eyelid swelling, mucous in the eyes, tearing and decreased vision.

Normally, the upper and lower eyelids close tightly, protecting the eye from damage and keeping it moist. If the edge of one eyelid turns outward, the two eyelids do not close properly. This can result in irritation, burning and tearing. The irritation can be temporarily relieved with artificial tears and ointments.

Ectropion Surgery

Ectropion surgery is a 15 minute procedure that repositions the eyelid. It is performed through a minimal incision in the outer corner of the eye under local anesthesia. The patient goes home immediately after surgery.

Recovery from Ectropion Surgery

A patch may be worn over the eye for the first 24 hours. Antibiotic ointment has to be applied for two weeks. No suture removal is usually necessary. Minor bruising or swelling can be expected for a couple of weeks.

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