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Orbital Trauma and Fractures

No other facial fracture can be as devastating as trauma to the bones surrounding the eye because this can affect not only facial appearance but also vision. Poorly repaired or unrepaired orbital fractures can still be reconstructed with excellent cosmetic and functional results months to years later.

What you should know about Orbital trauma and fractures

Inadequate treatment of orbital fractures can have both functional and cosmetic consequences.

An orbital floor fracture in a child can be a surgical emergency if the eye muscle is trapped into the fracture. Failure to release and reposition the muscle can result in permanent scarring and double vision.

In adults, a large fracture that is not repaired can result in a sunken eye, double vision and eyelid dysfunction. The fracture needs to be repaired within a couple of weeks of the accident to prevent a sunken eye (enophthalmos) and permanent double vision.

When the eye is loss due to trauma (evisceration or enucleation), orbital volume restoration with a spherical implant has to be done in addition to fracture repair.


Surgery for orbital fractures is done under general anesthesia and usually involves placing a custom made titanium mesh (implant) inside the orbit. Most patients go home the same day of the procedure.


A patch is worn over the eye for a couple of days. Antibiotic and pain medication is prescribed for a few days after surgery. It is extremely important not to blow the nose for one month after surgery as this can lead to air being trapped behind the eye.

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