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When is an Eye Prosthesis Required?

By admin May 29, 2022

Blind individuals who have lost their eyes as a result of any disease or trauma complain about their sunken eye sockets. Removing the eye and reconstructing the orbit with an implant that may be fitted with a prosthesis is mostly the best choice for reducing discomfort or improving looks.

Let’s discuss some important questions related to prosthetic eye

What is Eye Prosthesis

An eye prosthesis is an artificial eye implant into a patient’s eye socket after the eye removal. The prosthetic eye comes in two forms, including a basic shell and a personalized prosthesis. It is composed of durable, high-quality acrylic. 

The patient’s eyesight is not restored by prostatic eyes. However, returning your face to its natural state can significantly improve your appearance and hence your quality of life.

When is a Prosthetic Eye Required?

The prostatic eye might be necessary for the patients who lose their eye due to an injury or disease, such as a serious infection or cancer. The prosthetic eye is utilized to maintain your appearance. 

After removing the real eye through the surgical process, the doctors link the implants that hold the fake eye to the muscles that control the real eye. The surgical procedure through which the eye is removed is called enucleation. 

This procedure gives volume to the socket and prevents it from appearing sunken and hollow. Attaching muscle to the implant allows the eye to move with the other eye, even if you cannot see from that eye. It gives a natural appearance to your face because these are custom-made to match your face color and eye color. 

It is very important for you to care for the artificial eye to achieve desirable outcomes. The progressive loss of the orbit and surrounding tissues can develop over time, necessitating further volume building, either by implants or fat transfer to the orbit and surrounding tissues.

Top institutes like Oculo Facial use the most effective procedures and utilize your own fat. The fat is injected or grafted as a patch of skin and fat. 

What are Prosthetic Eyes Made off?

The artificial eye is no longer a sphere made of glass. Instead, the artificial eye is made out of a porous circular implant that is put into orbit and covered in conjunctiva tissue.

  • Pre-surgery Preparation

The patients looking for prostatic eye treatment are admitted to the hospital a day before the procedure. Medical tests such as x-rays, scans, and blood tests are carried out. 

Your doctor and anesthesiologist will meet you, who will ask you to sign a permission form for the operation.

Before entering the operation room, the surgeon marks and double-checks the eye that will be removed.

  • Post-Surgery

The procedure is done after general anesthesia, and the patient can go home the same day. Bruises and swelling of the eyelids are possible. They usually increase for the first few days following surgery before improving.

Headaches are typical in the days following surgery, but doctors can prescribe medicines to help alleviate the discomfort. 

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